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Shopfitters of Radiant 2000


Here at WINMINT AUSTRALIA PTY LTD, shopfitters are important to us. In fact, shopfitters are an integral part of the way we have done business in the past - and what's more, the way we will do business in the future. Because of this we want our shopfitter friends to not only feel they are important to us, but to also feel special. And for that reason we have developed a shopfitter support system that is already the benchmark of the industry.

Here are just five points that will not only help you make more sales, but should also help you consolidate and/or fast-track the order and other base requirements.


BROCHURES - We supply purpose written brochures.

25 PAGE INFORMATION BOOKLET - No other organization has anything like this for you to hand to your clients. Everywhere these have been placed, the feedback is how much the client appreciates the information we give.

DETAILED SPECIFICATIONS PACK AND PRICE LIST - Every model we produce is detailed in this pack together with pricing and accessories.


TELEPHONE BACK-UP - Whenever you need help to explain the superiority and benefits of any of the Radiant 2000 range, give our sales department a call and we'll gladly take calls on your behalf or make calls on your behalf. Once the call has been completed, we phone you back and advise what transpired and suggest what you may do to accelerate the sale (where possible).

ON-ROAD PRESENTATIONS - Wherever possible our sales staff will make a call or two with you to help show you how to present the Radiant 2000 from the clients point of view. Many shopfitters have remarked how invaluable this type of call has been to their understanding of how much the Radiant 2000 benefits the client.

PERSONALISED ADVICE - Clients can have a variety of concerns and misunderstandings about a product. Generally a quick call from either Peter Black or Shane Jones can sort this area out quickly. Once the call has been completed, we phone you back and advise what transpired and suggest what you may do to accelerate the sale (where possible).


TRAINING HANDBOOK AND MANUAL - In this book you will find product and consumable order forms, pictorial information on preparing, spitting and cooking chickens, hints, ideas and recipes, ways to improve overall business, information on letter box drops, posters and promotions, how to kick-start your shop in the first 2 weeks after installing a Radiant 2000, plus a Radiant 2000 owners manual.

TRAINING CD PACK - Can be played as a streaming CD on your computer or as a SVCD/DVD (Super Video Computer Disk) on your DVD player.

TRAINING INTRO PACK - This pack has been specially designed for the operators staff to borrow the pack overnight so they can familiarise themselves with the operation of the Radiant 2000 either on CD or the comic strip style page format. When the training is continued the next day, and if they had played the CD and skimmed over the book, it is hoped that the training could become a fine tuning exercise for the one doing the training.


ONE-ON-ONE SUPPORT - It has been our experience that some of our first time users can experience minor frustrations from time to time. No matter what the issue, we encourage them to call us as often as needed. Other times they visit as needed or we may visit them at their premises. Either way, there is usually no need for you to get involved in these issues as is expected of you with so many other products. Nor is there an additional fee for this service from Radiant 2000 as appears to have now become commonplace with some manufacturers or importers.


EASIEST TO WORK ON MACHINE ON THE MARKET TODAY - The one thing our clients and service experts have in common, they all say the Radiant 2000 is the easiest machine on the market today to work on. They'll also say it's over engineered. So over engineered that it doesn't break down. Over the years we have made the machine simpler to work on, and that's why most people with a basic mechanical aptitude can work on the Radiant 2000 range with ease. However, to maintain warranty, our minimum requirement is that a qualified Gas Fitter work on the machine during these periods.

So if what we can do for you and your client and the innovative support we provide doesn't make you feel comfortable selling the Radiant 2000 range to your clients, please call us direct anytime. We're always open to suggestions and ready to listen.