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About Us - Radiant 2000

Your surefire way to Increase Sales

In today's fast paced and demanding world of "Take Away Foods" and other types of "Fast Food", there are a number of factors that determine both drive and profitability. Some are reasonably well known, whereas other factors are a closely guarded secret. But the one thing that cannot be ignored is the way roast chickens influence and drive all types of Take Away sales.

In fact, roast chicken is the current profit centre of take away outlets and brings in more customers. Retailers that have previously not sold roast chickens beforehand, have discovered immediate turnover growth the minute QUALITY roast chickens were added to their menu.

It is now no longer unusual for a take away food retailer to include roast chickens on their menu. Take-Away Food shops, Fish and Chips, Sandwich, Pizza and Kebab shops that have installed the Radiant are really happy with the results, and in most cases have increased overall trade.

In summary. Quality roast chickens are the food items that sell the best, and also the food item that keeps happy customers coming back time and time again. Roast chickens tend to attract clients and drive all other types of take away food sales.

Roast Chicken Sales Determine the Total $ Turnover of a Take-Away

The take away food outlets that sell in excess of 1,000 roast chickens a week know that the higher their chicken sales the higher their overall turnover. In fact, many would suggest that a take away shop currently not selling roast chickens and trading around $10,000 a week could increase turnover to $20,000 or $30,000 a week (within a short period of time) simply by adding HIGH QUALITY roast chickens to the menu. Many existing non-roast chicken take away shop outlets are purchased on the basis of their potential once HIGH QUALITY roast chickens* and a well-presented salad bar are introduced.

*It should be noted that quality roast chickens can only be produced on best quality cooking equipment. Many small retailers have learnt that the purchase of cheap rotisserie cooking equipment has reduced their overall retail turnover in line with the quality of their chickens sold

Here are 20 Reasons you should Choose a Radiant

As an introductory sector to the 30 reasons we have isolated, initially there are four essential things that an experienced "Fast Food" retailer contemplates when choosing the necessary cooking equipment to maximise profits and ensure customers keep coming back.

Only Radiant can deliver all these successfully - AND YOU BENEFIT.

1. THE HIGHEST QUALITY PRODUCT - From the consumers point of view, repeat business is determined by a "better than expected taste" and must be "value for money". And that's fact. With Radiant you win both ways, because, no other product produces the quality the Radiant does, and no other product tastes as good as the items cooked in the Radiant range.

2. FASTER COOKING - Because of our exclusive "faster sealing" ability, the Radiant rotisserie range cooks chickens, meat roasts, fish and vegetables (simultaneously) between 30-50% faster than most charcoal and electricity types and approximately 10-20% faster than other gas equipment.

3. LONGER CABINET DISPLAY LIFE A juicier and better tasting end product means a longer display cabinet shelf life . Charcoal and electric chickens have a shelf life of 30-60 minutes in a heated display cabinet, whereas a Radiant chicken's shelf life is between 90 minutes and 2 hours. Similar results are obtained with meat roasts, fish and vegetables.

4. REALLY LOW PRODUCTION COSTS - The Radiant fuel costs are around 7c for a size 16 chicken. Charcoal users can expect savings of between 60-90% on existing fuel/labour costs, plus minimal expenditure on exhaust use, cleaning and maintenance. Similar fuel and labour cost saving results are obtained with meat roasts, fish and vegetables.

5. HIGHEST QUALITY AUSTRALIAN MADE PRODUCT - The structural stainless steel plate we use is between 2mm and 3mm thick. Add to that a host of innovative patented features and functions that both create and become the reason for a better roast product and you'll understand our claims are based on substance and fact.

6. INCREASED PRODUCTION VOLUME THROUGH FASTER COOKING - The bottom line is, because the Radiant cooks up to 30-50% faster than charcoal and many electric rotisserie systems, it stands to reason, that you gain the benefit of higher production volumes at lower operating costs. Moreover, there is less need for storage and the client gets a hotter, fresher and more succulent roast chicken compared to any other product type.

7. MORE POTENTIAL SALES - The more the public likes your product the more they will come back for more.

8. A TRULY SUPERIOR QUALITY - Retailers that have upgraded to the Radiant tell us that their roast chicken sales have increased and their clients prefer the flavour of Radiant roast chicken to the charcoal and electric ones.

9. A CONSISTANT QUALITY THAT IS ALWAYS THE SAME - The quality output of any Radiant cooked product is consistently high.

10. RADIANT DELIVERS GREATER VERSATILITY - There is no other rotisserie machine on the market today that allows for the versatility of simultaneously roasting a variety of products at the one time the way the Radiant does.

11. CONTAMINATION FREE SUPERIOR ROASTS - Depending on the model used, up to 35 roast chickens an hour or between 6 and 20 different meat and fish roasts can be cooked at the one time without any flavour cross-over. This is achieved due to the unique Radiant patented stagger design that allows excess juices to fall directly into the drip tray without contaminating the spit-row below .

12. LESS SHRINKAGE THAN WITH ANY OTHER PROCESS - Because the Radiant seals the food faster than any other method, there is less shrinkage with the end product.

13. RADIANT PRODUCES A BETTER AND MORE SUCCULENT TASTE - Chefs agree that the quicker the natural juices are sealed the better and the more succulent the taste. No other rotisserie seals as quickly and as evenly as the Radiant.

14. RADIANT COLD CHICKENS ARE STILL MOIST AFTER REFRIGERATION - One of the best ways to determine the quality of any cooked product is how well it retains its succulence one, two or three days after refrigeration. No other method seems to keep the roast chicken as juicy, or tasty, or as moist as the Radiant cooked product.

15. LESS DOWN-TIME COMPARED TO OTHER PROCESSES - Each spit can be loaded and unloaded independently of any of the others in use. Each radiant plate (window area) can also be heated independently of the others. This is just one of the many innovative and truly versatile features on the Radiant machinery. Changing over from roast chicken to meat or fish roasts is just as easy .

16. MORE TIME IN THE KITCHEN OR WITH CUSTOMERS - Preparation of the items cooked in the Radiant is so quick and simple, it allows the owner/manager to spend more time preparing other food products in the kitchen or more time serving customers.

17. MINIMAL TRAINING NEEDED TO PRODUCE A GREAT PRODUCT - Minimal training is all that is required for the operator to create a great product. One retailer suggested that he only works three or four days a week these days because of the Radiant.

18. COOLER WORKING SPACE - The Radiant provides minimal heat emission and is cooler to work around, even cooking at full capacity, than charcoal beds or electric ovens.

19. A VISUALLY CLEANER PREMISES WITHOUT SMELLS - Just consider the benefits of a rotisserie machine that has no particle emissions, burnt or excessive fat smells.

20. RADIANT IS INSTALLED FULLY COMPLIANT - You simply hook up the gas or electricity using a qualified technician and we do the rest. All compliances required by councils (and other authorities) have been conformed to and all requirements have been met by Radiant and certificated accordingly.

There is no other rotisserie cooking product in the Australian marketplace today that comes close to the Radiant 2000T product range. We believe we have Australia's best manufactured and most versatile rotisserie range - and so do over 300 users.

And as an ADDED BONUS to you

YOUR UNIQUE COOKING PROCESS IS ALWAYS ON DISPLAY - The Radiant range has been especially designed as a multi-faceted show-piece unit to help drive more over-the-counter sales to your business. Not only do they look great, but will also create interest as the client waits for his/her order to be processed.

Ideally the unit(s) should be strategically placed on constant view in an easy to notice spot behind the counter. So whether your clients become fascinated by the constant roasts being cooked on display, or whether they're encouraged to impulse buy, you get the benefits. And that translates to more business for your business.


As easy as the Radiant is to operate, we've even made it easier for you to train and retrain your staff whenever and wherever you need to. In fact, if you really wanted to, you could lend them the video or DVD overnight. That way they learn in their own time at their own speed and you only have to do the fine-tuning as you feel you need to.


In today's business world, speed of production is such a well-worn by-phrase everyone strives to achieve better and faster times. However, far too often quality can be compromised in the quest for throughput - a common problem in the food take-away industry.

The Radiant is the only roast cooking process that delivers both highest quality taste and a higher production speed than any other rotisserie on the market today. But the best part is, absolutely nothing is compromised in the process. Despite the fast cooking speed you still get great flavour and taste, little shrinkage, highest shelf life and a product customers keep coming back for time and time again.

Just check out these times . . .

Seasoned Chicken -

Butterfly Style Chicken -

Turkey -

Beef - Scotch Fillet - Rare
Beef - Scotch Fillet - Medium

Beef - Rolled Roast - Medium

Beef - Ribs - Medium

Lamb - Rolled Roast

Pork - Rolled Roast

Fish - Whole
Size 16
Size 14

Size 16
Size 14
Size 12

4.4 Kg
2.8 Kg

2.0 Kg
2.0 Kg

2.0 Kg

2.0 Kg

2.0 Kg
1.7 Kg

2.0 Kg

1.0 Kg
3.5 Kg
60 - 70 minutes
50 - 60 minutes

45 - 50 minutes
40 - 45 minutes
35 - 40 minutes

80 - 90 minutes
65 - 75 minutes

30 - 35 minutes
35 - 40 minutes

45 - 50 minutes

40 - 45 minutes

70 - 80 minutes
60 - 70 minutes

80 - 90 minutes

10 - 15 minutes
20 - 25 minutes

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