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Features & Functions of Radiant 2000

Radiant 2000
Australian Made & Owned

Don't miss your opportunity to make plenty of bucks with the Radiant 2000™

The Radiant 2000™ is a revolutionary commercial rotisserie that streamlines the cooking of chicken, lamb, beef, ribs and even fish, making the process faster, cleaner and considerably more profitable.

There's never been a rotisserie quite like the Radiant 2000™. It's unique back plate radiates a very high cooking temperature so it cooks faster to produce more roasts in less time using less energy.... quickly sealing in all the juices and flavour for the world's best tasting roasts. Which is why customers won't be able to get enough.

The Radiant 2000 also offer one feature never seen in a rotisserie, a patented, staggered tier that significantly reduces cross contmination of meats while cooking.

The staggered tier design means different roasts can be kept on the go, giving customers variety and the freshest roasts all day. Which will keep them coming back for more.... and the bucks flooding in.

Superior quality at your service.

Unlike other rotisseries, the Radiant 2000™ is designed and built in Australia to last a lifetime. The materials used in each machine are of high quality stainless steel & the highest quality construction, while the unique design incorporates standard, readily available parts with no planned or built in obsolescence. This creates a far more robust unit requiring substantially less maintenance and repairs, which will add equally substantial savings to your bottom line.

The secret to producing the big bucks:

. Radiant 2000™ model range allow up to 7 chickens per tier - 35 per hour

. Simultaneously cook chicken, beef, lamb, ribs even fish or vegetables

. Unique staggered position of spits removes cross-contamination of flavours or juices

. At over 500ºC the radiant back plate cooks faster, sealing in the flavour and moisture early in the cooking process

. Heavier, flavoursome, succulent, more fat-free roasts - guarantees repeat business

. From a cold start - turn the gas knob and in fifteen minutes start cooking

. Special loading design means you don't have to stop the rotisserie to load or unload spits

. New spits can be added at any time for a versatile array of fresh appetising foods

. Economical energy use - low gas consumption - cheaper operating costs

. The Radiant 2000™ gives off very little ambient heat providing a more comfortable workplace

. Environmental considerations in design result in virtually no pollution and eliminate the need for expensive filtration

Radiant 2000™ vs other rotisseries

With it's vastly superior features and design, comparing the Radiant 2000™ with other machines is like comparing chalk and cheese. The difference in quality and design between the Radiant 2000™ and other rotisseries - let alone it's unique, individual features and vastly superior end product - is immediately apparent.
Many other rotisseries hold only a Type "B" certification from the Australian Gas Association. This certification type requires individual site inspection & approval of each unit before use.
All Radiant 2000™ rotisseries hold a Type "A" Certification (Certificate Number SC 352), which means the appliances are rigorously laboratory tested to Australian Standards AS 4563 / AC 300 and comply with all requirements (including safety) of those standards. This means that when your Radiant 2000™ rotisserie is delivered, all that is required is for a gas plumber to connect the rotisserie to a gas outlet. Simple, plus you have the peace of mind in knowing that Radiant 2000™ rotisseries are fully approved.