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Testimonials for Radiant 2000 products


What Our Customers Say

We've markedly increased our production and quality - and reduced costs too

We took delivery of a Radiant 2000 T5 model less than 6 months ago. It began to perform way above our expectations from day one. In fact, the Radiant Rotisserie has become the cornerstone of our buffet bar and now provides 10% of our bistro sales. The majority of our roasts are no longer cooked on a Combi Oven as our customers find the Radiant product "outstanding". The chickens are really plump and firm, and extremely juicy. And our members also rave about the juiciness of the pork and lamb it produces. But as a caterer, I am personally staggered by the difference in quality produced by the Radiant to every other piece of equipment I've used in the past.

The Radiant 2000 is also a "good margin" product and has really made a difference in our function rooms and buffet area - where production costs are much lower and our quality better. With the Radiant we no longer find it difficult to produce a quality product at a budget price - even at 200 meals an hour.

Paul Smith - Catering Manager - Nelson Bay RSL

Radiant 2000 Chicken Shops display and sell more chickens overall

I've been working with Take Away Food retailers for the past few years in my position as a director of Independent Catering Solutions, and have noted when I've either called on, or cold called, Chicken Shops with a Radiant 2000 rotisserie here in Sydney, they seem to have their Hot Bars filled with chickens, plus appear to attract a greater number of customers than the majority of other Chicken Shops selling chickens cooked on charcoal or electric barrel type rotisseries. The Take Away shops with the small 4 and 8 electric chicken rotisseries also appear to have the least number of chickens on display.

Arthur Alias - Director - Independent Catering Solutions

Charcoal bed cooking of chickens is inferior in every way to a Radiant 2000.

After 25 years in take away and the past 5 years putting up with cooking chickens on a charcoal, with problems with smoke, soot and keeping an eye on the chickens, I finally took the plunge and bought a Radiant 2000 - and I'd have to say it's the best thing I've ever done. Last week I told a friend of mine I have so much extra time (since getting the Radiant) to do the things I need to do, it's not funny. It's like having an extra worker on the payroll for free, and I go home at 4 o'clock daily and take Wednesday and Saturday afternoons off. I couldn't do that with charcoal.

I can honestly say that these days my chickens are juicier, the meat is far more tender, and the cooking is so consistent, every chook comes off the spit the same as all the others. Besides, I start cooking 15 minutes after I arrive at the shop all I do now is set the timer and forget the chickens for the next hour. My sales have gone up substantially over the last month and I have noted that I have also saved over $700 on my charcoal to gas bill in the first month. Thanks Radiant.

Terry Arhomtogiokgis - Tasty Chickens on Chargrill, Nth Baldwyn, Vic

Over 30 years in the business before I discovered the Radiant - It's the BEST.

I've been in the chicken business for over 35 years and I hate charcoal mainly due to the health problems I've suffered because of it. During the years I have also used many types of electric rotisseries still not fully satisfied with the product. Four years ago I bought this shop and it cooked with three large Radiant machines. Everything I'd ever wanted to achieve with other products I found the Radiant did better, faster and cheaper. I just couldn't believe how good the Radiant was and why I had not been made aware of it earlier.

These machines are superior to everything else I've ever used. I have a large catering trade and cook with my 3 Radiant machines, whereas it would have taken many more electric machines to cook the same quantity - and at nowhere near the quality.

But the biggest benefit is my health, I feel better than I have in years. I no longer suffer from the migraines, coughing and asthma symptoms.

Nick - Caesars Dee Why - New South Wales

I wouldn't ever go back to that ******* charcoal after a Radiant - ever!

I've been selling roast chickens for over 20 years, bought my first Radiant 8 years ago and would never go back to charcoal. With charcoal you work hard, ******* hard, and you're always on the job. I took over this location six years ago, and at the time it was one of the highest selling shops in the area selling around 700 to 900 chickens a week. I then installed a Radiant and sales went up immediately, but I was working hard, really hard. So I bought a second unit, immediately the pressure came off, and within six months sales stabilised at between 1,200 to 1,500 a week. To me the most important part of the Radiant is the way it cooks and displays the product. I believe that because a persons eye sees more than their stomach can consume, the Radiant helps me sell more of my roast chicken while people are waiting.

I've just taken a week off and take time off as I need to. I couldn't ever consider doing that while cooking with charcoal, and I could never leave the shop with junior staff running with charcoal either, but I can with Radiant and still produce the best quality.

Spiro - Harbord Chickens - New South Wales

Using Radiant since 1998 and wouldn't use anything else.

We were first introduced to the Radiant 2000 Rotisserie in 1998 (when we owned Caesars Chicken, Fern Hill) using charcoal as our main cooking fuel. Within months of installing our first Radiant, we increased roast chicken sales from around 800 a week to over 1,000 a week. The reason was - our customers were simply amazed by the immediate improvement in quality. A year later this number increased to over 1,500 a week and remained that way until we sold out. Since then we've built Chicko's in Figtree from the ground up, and within a year of opening we were selling in excess of 1,600 roast chickens a week. Radiant allows us to work less on the cooking while producing the highest quality roasts with fresh stock all day.

We now own five Radiant machines that are saving us time and money, allowing for higher levels of profit than any other machine we've owned. Radiant has changed the way I run my business and I feel it's the only machine that can continually produce the highest quality roast chicken that keeps customers coming back, while ensuring high profits because of the low operating costs and lower overheads.

Chris - Chicko's Chicken - Fig Tree - New South Wales

So you want to know what I think of the Radiant compared to Charcoal cooking.

Four years ago I opened a charcoal chicken store from scratch not far from here and it took around 18 months for it's turnover to stabilize. I thought that was good for a start-up business until I decided to build a roast chicken store nearby fitted out with Radiant machinery. To my surprise, it only took around 6 months for the turnover to stabilise at far higher sales a week. That's incredibly faster and better than the other store. But the best part of having a Radiant is the multiple benefits it provides us with on a daily basis.

Not only are the costs lower but the chickens we sell taste better. In fact, they are so good they keep the customers coming back for more. Apart from that, the return on chickens is far higher than charcoal; the chickens cook to a consistency you'd never achieve with charcoal; the filters are cleaned every two weeks and not daily as with charcoal; the texture and colour of the chicken I produce now I could never have produced with charcoal; and the chickens don't dry out in the hot box unlike the charcoal chickens that dry out within 30 minutes to an hour.

When cooking with charcoal you can never take your eyes off the cooking process, whereas we now load up the Radiant, set it and forget it. I now work 4 days a week and work limited hours when I do. That's also something else I couldn't do when I cooked with charcoal. And now, most days, a 21 year old girl runs the business on my behalf and that's definitely something I could never have considered with a charcoal shop.

Ross - Flamed Grill Chicken Plus - Launceston - Tasmania

Radiant is the ultimate Chicken Machine. My sales went from 450 to 950 a week.

After 15 years in take away food, and over 10 in take away chickens, I personally believe the Radiant is the ultimate Chicken Machine anyone can use in a chicken shop. Since changing to the Radiant 2000 my chicken sales have increased from 450 to 950 a week. Customers also tell me my chickens are tastier, juicier and more tender. No other product on the market comes close to the Radiant, saves me the money the Radiant does, or even produces a chicken as good. I'm living proof of how good it is.

Theo Vinditionis - St Clair Char-grilled Chicken - New South Wales


I cook a better chicken than ever before & my business has increased.

I've cooked with both electric and charcoal, yet the Radiant 2000 produces a far more succulent chicken with a juicier breast than I ever could before. Besides, my business has gone up since I installed the Radiant. But what impresses me most is the faster cooking time, cost savings and a quality product my customers keep coming back for while complimenting me on the quality.

George - SA Chargrill - Hallet Cove - South Australia

I used to spend 2 hours getting the shop ready, now I do that in 15 minutes.

I've been cooking chickens for over 30 years. I used to spend two hours getting the shop ready for opening before we installed the Radiant - now I need just 15 minutes to warm up the machine. The customers are happier with the taste compared to charcoal, they love the juiciness and tell me it's still juicy (never dry) when they cut it open - even after it's been in the fridge for a few days. I recommend the Radiant to every chicken shop owner everywhere in Australia. It's the best.

Chris - SA Chargrill - Hallet Cove - South Australia

I now have heaps of quality family time - charcoal kept me away from the family.

After years cooking chickens over a charcoal bed, we have found that since we took delivery of the Radiant 2000 the chickens are better, we have not lost any former customers, now work in a far cleaner environment and have gained heaps of quality time we were unable to enjoy before. We're really happy with the machine too.

Joe - Top Chargrill - Woodcroft - South Australia

I pioneered the Radiant in Melbourne, now we'll do the same in Adelaide.

We are opening a dedicated chicken shop in Campbelltown. Prior to this we had helped pioneer the Radiant 2000 in Melbourne, purchasing 5 machines over 4 years. We know the Radiant from first hand experience and wouldn't consider using any other rotisserie - not one comes even close on product quality, time saving, lower operating costs and customer satisfaction. It's the only machine on the market that is truly “set and forget” and you can go about your other business without worrying about temperature and time. We know Adelaide is new to this product, but Adelaide is also the home of Australia's rotisserie chicken and really overdue for an upgrade.

Laz - Chicks to Go - Campbelltown - South Australia

The Radiant "Taste the Difference" A2 poster helped increase sales immediately

The Radiant 2000 is the most comprehensive chicken rotisserie machine I have ever used. In my opinion it's a world beater - and I can say that with some authority having previously managed a KFC outlet and owned a Lenards franchise. Then again, the Radiant experience is more than just a machine, it's an overall package. A week after I opened your marketing department called to check on things and through the course of the conversation encouraged me to display the A2 "Taste the Difference" poster . So I laminated three and displayed them. Sales exceed 500 chickens in my second week and customers kept commenting how much better my chickens really tasted - they could really "Taste the Difference" they said . We're now taking on the local Woolworth's and Bi-Lo supermarkets in our centre and must have made a real dent in their sales - they keep reducing their prices. Thanks Radiant.

Glen Belcher - GB Chickens - Capalaba Qld


The Radiant Training Handbook and Manual - an Aussie world first innovation

I've been a chef for over 17 years and would like to compliment you on the style and content of the Radiant Training Handbook and Manual. This publication would have to be the most comprehensive training undertaking by any of the product suppliers of commercial cooking equipment anywhere in the world today - and it's an Australian product. But what I like about it most is that it's concise, precise, easy to use and perhaps the most fool-proof handbook I have ever seen. Thanks Radiant 2000 - you really are setting new standards in one of the world's progressive industries today.

Craig Dempster - Advantage Commercial Kitchens - Underwood Qld

>Enquirer is very impressed with the information on the Radiant 2000 website

We are thinking about opening a shop. I was very impressed with the information that I got on your website. The type of chicken we want to do is the open (butterfly cut) chicken, will this be suitable with your machine?

Santie - Name and details withheld due to positioning of their new shop - NSW

New Tonga Store is doing Great Business with a New Radiant 2000 T6n

To the Radiant Team. Wish to thank you for your kind assistance with the Rotisserie. To be honest it is working wonders here in Tonga. With your help we began selling around from 400 to 500 chickens a week. But now, our little Kingdom is crowded with Tongans from overseas for Xmas and sales on the Whole Chickens are by far beyond our expectations. We are using Pre-marinated Chickens from the States and people are going crazy over the cooked Chickens (we sell them for $25.00). Please accept our order for more of the Radiant Bread Crumb Mix and Radiant Baste.

Management & Staff - OSB Trading - Tonga



The above are just a small sample of satisfied users. All are contactable for verification.