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Accessories for Radiant 2000 products


Download the brochure for these Accessories in PDF format - Accessories (538kb)
Standard Spit
(Spit for Narrow machines shown)
Book Spit
(Spit for Narrow machines shown)

Standard spit: made from food grade stainless steel and is designed for use with poultry and small roasts.
Skewers for larger roasts are available.

Book spit: designed for roasting Portuguese style chickens, beef, ribs, fish and vegetables.

Roasting Spit
(Spit for Narrow machines shown)

Lifting rod


Roasting spit: features adjustable sections allowing boned lamb legs, whole rumps and rolled roasts to be cooked with ease.

Lifting rod: a multi-purpose tool specifically designed to key into the end of the spit making it easy to lift them onto the trolley. The slot in the end of the rod is used to unscrew hot skewers.

(Trolley for wide machines shown)

Basting brush



Trolleys: made from food grade stainless steel these trolleys are designed specially for use with the Radiant 2000™ making it quick and easy to load and unload spits. Our trolleys incorporate a shallow tray-style surface, which drains into a removable stainless pan and have locking castors.

Basting brush: has an extra long handle to keep your hand clear of the heat and drip zones.

Spit Rack
(#30 Spit Rack shown)
Book/Roasting Rack
(#B10 Book/Roasting Rack)

Racks: heavy duty commercial quality and are designed for wall mounting. Our racks are available in a variety of sizes and models for different spit types and quantities.

T2n Stand
(T2n Stand shown with machine)
T3n Stand
(T3n Stand shown with machine)
Stands: made from food grade stainless steel & of high quality construction, these stands come
complete with a slide out work bench, shelf, adjustable castors & restraining cable.