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Model T6n
Australian Made & Owned

See the Features & Functions page to find out why the Radiant 2000™ is a world leader in rotisseries.

Download the brochure for this model in PDF format - Model T6n (582kb)

Model features: Although the T6n model has a small footprint, it's design provides high volume and versatility. A freestanding unit suitable for cater suppliers, supermarkets, fast food outlets, chicken specialists and takeaway food stores. All models run on Natural gas or LPG and can be modified to run on other gases. The high production, but narrow design means it's the perfect choice for kitchens where space is a premium. The glass doors turn the cooking process into an "in store" display of succulent, appetising roasts.

Volume: The production capability of the T6n is approximately 24 chickens per hour. In addition, the Radiant 2000™'s quick, clean cooking process can produce different meats, fish, poultry and vegetables simultaneously.

Installation: Close proximity to gas and electrical connections, and the installation of an exhaust hood, is all that's needed. Expensive filtration systems necessary with charcoal type machines are not required.

The T6n comes complete with:

  • 6 Standard spits with skewers to suit
  • Gas connection hose (3/4")
  • Basting brush*
  • Oil catch tray*
  • Burner pick*
  • Lifting rod*
  • Cooking timer*
  • Owners manual*

*These complimentary items are supplied subject to availability.

See the accessories page for a full list of optional accessories.

Model Option - "s" position: An option on the second spit position is available, which will enable production of large diameter roasts up to 300mm. Perfect for Christmas Turkeys!

In 1992 the Radiant 2000™ Gas-Fired Rotisserie was designed to replace the "Charcoal Burning" style cooking process.  The inventor, Jeff Sher, approached Bosa Manufacturing Pty Ltd to do the original design and manufacture of the machine. In June 2003 we took over the marketing and sales through our new company - WINMINT AUSTRALIA PTY LTD. As part of our overall marketing campaign this product information sheet was designed to give you an overview of this model and we invite you to contact us for any additional details. Please contact us to check stock availability and product lead times to ensure a machine will be available to suit your individual requirements and your delivery and installation schedule.






1200 mm

1910 mm

760 mm

360 Kg


Average at full cooking capacity

All burners on high

130 MJ/h

137,000 Btu

220 MJ/h

230,000 Btu











WARRANTY (for full details see Warranty Sheet)

Parts - 12 months from date of despatch from our works
Motor - 24 months from date of despatch from our works
Labour - 3 months from date of despatch from our works

Detailed information on all the above topics is provided in the
Owners Manual provided with each Radiant 2000™

AGA Certification Number: SC 352

DIMENSIONAL DRAWING - showing Radiant 2000 T6n machine and suggested hood.

The hood should be installed in accordance with applicable ventilation codes.   Minimum overall sizes for a wall-mounted hood are 1165mm long x 940mm deep. This allows 150mm overhang to the front & sides & a 100mm clearance between the unit & the wall. Distance between the top burner & bottom of the filter must be a minimum of 600mm.

Model T6n Dimensions

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